Finding Us
Knapps Station Community Church  
recognizes the uniqueness of all and
welcomes all to worship together in the
presence of the Holy Spirit.
God has allowed us to worship with Him for
the past twelve years and With Gods
direction we pray it will be for many more
years. We are a BIBLE BELIEVING church and
a BIBLE PREACHING  church. We affirm our
beliefs in God, The divinity of Christ and the
presence of the Holy Spirit. The purpose of
Gods church is to provide spiritual nurture
through meaningful worship, music, study,
prayer, and mutual caring, to proclaim the
gospel in our lives and to accept the
challenge to be co-workers or partners with
God in responding to human needs.  In spite
of our imperfections,
we reach out towards a deeper
understanding of God’s grace and love.
President: Sharon Bearce
God's willing servant
About Us
Knapps Station Community Church
The Church God is Building!
Contact Us At:  (315)  353-5093
Pastors Cell:              244-9938
Pastor Dave
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