Sunday School
Knapps Station Community Church
Sunday School is open to everyone and starts each
Sunday after church.  There is the 3-12 year olds,
teens, beginners bible study, and the adult class.  
We at Knapps Station encourage all children of God
to attend church weekly and Sunday school or a
small group and personal study to help keep your
faith strong and on track.  

3 -12 year olds:  taught by Various Church

This year the group will be focusing on the names of
God and how they can give us a deeper meaning of
God.  How He is the creator (Elohim) and how the
Lord will provide for our needs as He provided water
for Moses to give the Israelites when they fled from

Teens:  taught by Angie Shantie
Angie will be focusing her study on the new
testament and the Holy spirit this year.

Beginners Bible Study:  taught by Charlie

This class focuses on teaching the basics of bible
understanding and background knowledge.  It
purpose is to give those who feel they aren't ready
for a more advanced class a chance to get a jump
start on their learning before they transition into the
next phase of learning.  This year they will be a
special focus on Job and Pau'ls disciples.

Adult class:  taught by Sharon Bearce
This year the adults will be learning about the book
of Isaiah from Howard Prescots book
Isaiah Trusting
God in troubled Times.  Click the book title to learn
more.  Contact Sharon if you'd like to join the study
or work on it on your own.
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