Finding Us
We are a tithing Church that
gives 10% of all income to
the ministries of the church.
The Missions group
prayerfully determines
where our tithes are
Women's Group
The women meet monthly
to nurture each other and
the community
Men's Group
A fellowship of care and
nurture for our church and
the community
Nursing Home
Gatherings to provide
fellowship and
entertainment to the area
Nursing Homes
Women's group gather
every 6 weeks to sort and
hang used clothing.
Caring Ministry
We reach out to the sick,
shut-ins and grieving of our
"I have much to write to you, but I do not use
paper and ink.  Instead, I hope to visit you and
talk with you face to face, so that our joy may
be complete."
2 Johns 12
Knapps Station Community Church
Pictured above is Kenny Ashley
(elder), Pastor Lee Sweeney, Marlene
and Jeff Hosken, Betsy Ashley, Donna
Sweeney, and Sharon and Hugh
Bearce who went treating this
Halloween.  Their visits brought smiles
to all.
Contact Us At:  (315)  353-5093
Pastors Cell:              244-9938
Pastor Dave
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