3035 CR 47 PO Box 54
Norwood, NY  13668
Finding Us
Turn Left onto
  1. Rt 47 In Norfolk by  Norfolk
    Liquor Store.
  2. Continue in this road (Rt 47)
    until  you reach Knapps
    Station , Start watching for
    the church on the right.
  3. Turn right into the Drive way.
  4. Praise God you have arrived.

Coming from
Potsdam on Route 56
  1. Turn right onto the Dry Bridge
    road just before Merriman's
  2. Continue on this road until  
    you reach another T
  3. Turn Right onto Route 47 This
    is the Knapps  Station Rd
  4. You will proceed 500 feet on
    this road
  5. Turn right into the Drive way.
  6. Praise God you have arrived.
  1. You will take a right at the top of the hill before
    entering Sandfordville, this is route 47 there is one
    house on the hill just as you turn.
  2. Follow 47 until you almost into Knapps Station, the
    church will be on your left up on a small hill. If you get
    into the community of Knapps Station and you see the
    Gas Station you have gone too far, turn around and go
    back about 500 feet and you will see the church up on
    the right.
Map and Directions
The Church God is Building!
Knapps Station Community Church