Finding Us
Canton Nursing Home
Maple Wood
205 State St Rd
Canton NY 13617
(315) 386-4541
The Church God is Building!
Knapps Station Community Church
Barbara Newton      Room 416
Phone: 386-1071
Prison Ministry
Jared Gibert
Clinton Correctional Facility
PO Box 2001
Dannemora, NY 12929
St. Regis Nursing Home
89 Grove Street
Massena, NY  13662
Highland Nursing Home
Highland Rd
Massena, NY  13662
Pictured above is June Wilkins
(top) and Barbara Johnson the
Caring Ministry group leader  If
you know of any need not being
met please don't hesitate to help
us reach out to our help us reach
out to our community.  You can
use the contact us page on the
website.  Thank you.
Joan Groebler
Evelyn Seymour
Alex Deshane
Cecil Deshane

Lena Yadow
Caring Ministry
Howard Smith
Ann Richards
Room 234
Alice Hyde Living Center
45 Sixth Street
Malone NY 12953